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Our Logo: 

The name, Quest'Ar Pathways, is alliterated following the format used by one of my favorite authors, Anne McCaffrey, of Pern fame. 

It comes from joining "quest" and "star" and removing the duplicate "st".  These words were chosen since many, myself included, are on a 'quest' to discover how we can shine (be a star) in our own life. The word "Pathways" was included because we are all looking for the 'path' that will get us where we want to go, and it is plural because there is no 'one' single way to get anywhere!

The double green lines are  representative of the multiple paths that exist for growth - hence the color green!

Hence, Quest'Ar Pathways !


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About Our Organization:

Quest'Ar Pathways addresses the needs of to-day's busy professionals, executives and business owners to re-energize themselves, re-kindle their passion for life, and re-vitalize their work experiences.

A private Canadian company out of Eastern Ontario, we have access to over 100 business coaches worldwide to facilitate our international work and address the needs of our clients.  We have worked in the U.K., the U.S. and throughout Canada and have experience in the private, public and not for profit sectors. 

We work with professionals and organizational leaders who want to develop and enhance their own self-leadership skills so they can better access and use their inner authentic power to accomplish more of what's truly important to them, thereby advancing further along the path to increased thrivability. 

We work one on one or in small group interventions to assist people in:

  • re-connecting with themselves to discover their inner passion, strengths and Authentic Power;

  • connect with what's truly important to them so they can create more meaningful results for both themselves and their organization in the future; and

  • connect and communicate more effectively with others, increase interpersonal effectiveness so they can develop productive collaborative working relationships with others and achieve more working both with and through others. 

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Welcome • About Us • Developmental Programs • Upcoming Events • Support • Site Map

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