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Challenges Addresed

Executives, professionals and business owners have told me that their top 3 challenges fall into the following categories:

1)  People - and all the issues that arise in working with others;

2)  Results - either lacking or not what they want;

3)  The FODDS Syndrome™ - reduced productivity from one or a mixture of the following feelings:

Frustration -  because people don't do what they expect or want them to;

Overwhelmedness -  by the 24/7 demands they're facing;

Disappointment -   in the bottom line results;

Dis-connectionfrom other people and no longer passionate about their work; and

Stress -       to the point that it's starting to affect their productivity - and burnout is becoming a very real possibility.

Sound familiar?  How does this equate to your world - is your productivity increasing, stagnant, or dropping?  Is your company losing money through lost time and poor, or slow, decisions? Is there any evidence that maybe the work you or some of your people are doing might be sub-optimized by one or a combination of the challenges outlines above?

Bottom line?

Do you know the impact of these challenges on your bottom line?  Is it all that it could be?  The costs related to stress alone are enormous. The World Health Organization calls stress a worldwide epidemic and indicated that in 2001 it would cost businesses $2 billion in workers' compensation costs, lost work days, and other factors. Sixty percent of lost workdays each year can be attributed to stress.

Are you really satisfied with what your organization is achieving?  Maybe over the last little while, key people and/or your organization have seemed to reach a plateau in performance?  Or maybe they seem to get stuck when new challenges arise, especially unexpectedly.

If any of these are spoiling your sleep at night, give us a call and we can arrange a confidential discussion to see if it makes sense for you to invest in our programs.  no strings attached.  What have you got to lose?

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