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Presentations and Workshops

The following are examples of some of the programs which can be tailored to your situation, whether as keynotes, seminars and/or multi-day performance enhancement programs. 


Self-Coaching for Self-Mastery & Leadership Success – As a Leader in to-days hectic business world you may feel isolated or overwhelmed sometimes.   Learn tips and techniques to take control of your “head coach”, take charge of your life and create a future of extraordinary thrivability.

Your Vital Connections - 3 Keys to Thriving as a 21st Century Leader: Success as a Leader is all about who you are and how you bring your authentic self to the workplace to create value with others.  You’ll learn techniques in 3 areas key to leadership success in an ever-changing world.

Laughing, Loving, Learning - Leading for Success!: As a leader in the 21st century, you have to inspire your people and tap into their passion to create and succeed.  Learn how to bring your authentic self to work and create vibrant, productive workplaces.


Self-Coaching for Success in a Shifting World: Too often we look “out there” for an expert to tell us what to do.  This seminar gives you the tools to put you back in the driver’s seat, and stay there.  

Dealing with Change in a 24/7 World: Change is part of life - without it, there is death!  However, what is optional is what you make of change.  This seminar provides you with tips, tricks and strategies to ensure that you’re “green and growing, not brown and rotten. Ray Crock, McDonald’s”.

Authentic Power - Living by Design, Not by Default – Choices Not Chance: Too often we seem to ‘fall into’ our work and then continue in a headlong rush, never really happy, but not sure what to do.  In this program you will find out how you can create a ‘Map’ for the kind of life you really want, then make it happen.


Vital Connections - The Art and Science of Communicating to Connect: When you consider how unique each person is, it’s a wonder any communication between people is ever successful.  Find out how you can better understand not only what’s being said, but what else isn’t, even though it affects the conversation outcome.  The information you receive in this seminar will help you achieve the results you want, without having to change anybody.

Vital Connections - Finding Common Ground - Working Better Together: People aren’t really all that difficult, they’re just different than you!  In this seminar you’ll learn techniques and strategies to help you better understand others and work more effectively with them without changing either them or you.

Improving Communications: Key Steps to Better Workplace Results: There are some fundamental principles to consider in achieving the results you want in dealing with others.  Learn to recognize other people’s communication styles and deliver your message more effectively.  Learn how to get what you want without force or manipulation!

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