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Developmental Programs

To meet the needs of present and future leaders, we offer you a variety of program formats to help you develop and nurture your own intrinsic strengths.  

Being a leader is not about what you do, it's about who you are.  It's not just about what you know, but how you behave.  To assist you in integrating all you know with who you are so you can be a better leader we provide programs designed to give the on-going support that research has shown to dramatically improve the creation of new strategies and behaviors.

Executive and Leadership Development Programs

Designed for the high achievers who want to continue to expand and grow their capabilities so that they can ride the wave of change and not be left behind in the rapidly evolving work environments that are becoming the norm.

Individual and group programs are available, as well as an array of assessments to assist executives in identifying and better understanding their own unique strengths. 

Organizational Effectiveness Programs

Organizations are facing major challenges to-day in getting and retaining the talent they need to succeed and in maintaining the productivity of the talent they have. 

Research has shown that those in leadership roles play a significant role in creating the organizational atmosphere and culture that determine whether people are engaged or not. 

We work with you to help you clarify and align the organization's values with the people's values and create a roadmap to guide future actions.  People see themselves as part of the future and are re-energized by their work.  On-going support, in small groups or one on one,  ensures that new habits are developed in support of the re-vitalized workplace and morale and productivity are greatly increased.

Synergy Success Circles

Based on the MasterMind concept, these small groups of industry leaders from non-competing organizations, or from within a single company,  meet regularly to share experiences and help each other address common challenges.















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